St Annes Beach!

What a fantastic day we had at the beach on Tuesday! It rained but we didn’t care! The fresh air and freedom felt amazing!


What did the children tell you about their day? What was their favourite part or parts of the day? I would love the see your comments!

Final term

Wow, I can’t believe we are at the start of our final term in foundation.

The first part of the half term we will be looking at Blackpool, our local environment.

Today, Farmer Dave sent us a video message of Larry Lamb from Cobble Hey Farm asking us all about Blackpool


Summer term 1 round up!

Wow! What a very busy half term we have had!

We have been working hard on our reading and have been making leaps and bounds of progress with our reading!

We have had a fantastic time in the Pet Shop role-play.

We have had a super trip to Pets at Home, and loved meeting two baby guinea pigs and Ross, a heavy two year old guinea pig.

We have been busy working on our handwriting and enjoying writing the tricky words.

And have been flourishing with reading our tricky words through fun games of tricky word bingo!

And finally we have ended the half term with Sports Day too!

Wow, we have been very busy!

I wonder what next half term, and our final half term of the year, will bring!

Bye for now!

Miss Mills xx